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Fitting Assistant

We cannot overstress the importance of getting the right fit for your horse. Before ordering a hoof boot or shoe for your horse, take a precise measurement and consult the product size chart.

Check out our handy guide on how to properly measure your horse's hoof. You can also fill out our online Fitting Assistant form to receive an expert recommendation from our Product Specialist Team.

How Do I Measure

About EasyCare

Founded in 1970, EasyCare pioneered the first hoof boot marketed to the equine industry. To help reduce pain for a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease, Dr. Neel Glass designed a comfortable, padded shoe as an alternative to iron shoes. That first “Easyboot” launched a new category in the industry known as the “hoof boot,” with EasyCare setting the pace through an innovative array of products that has expanded into hoof boots and urethane horse shoes for every situation.
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