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EasyCare Certified Used Hoof Boots

We are excited to offer lightly used boots at more than 50% off the original price. These boots are in fully functional condition and have been approved by the Product Specialist team for resale. 

  • Orders must be placed by phone with a Product Specialist.
  • Boots will be shipped out each Friday via UPS Ground and cannot be expedited. 
  • Shipping cutoff for the week is 1 pm MST on Thursday. 
  • Shipping cost is $10 USD per boot. 
  • Currently, we can only ship within the United States. 

To place an order, please call 800-447-8836. We are available Monday - Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm MST. 


Click HERE to see the current inventory.

1 Easyboot Remedy in Size Medium - $20.50

2 Easyboot Ultimate Remedy in Size Large - $46.50

2 Easyboot Rx2 in Size 7 - $53.50


Special Finds! Discontinued Products for Sale:

1 Easyboot Stratus in Size 5 - $39.95

88 Original Easyboot in Size Pony - $27.00