A Preliminary Study Using Infrared Thermography

To Investigate Temperature and Heat Patterns In The Feet of Horses Using Different Types of Hoof Protection At Endurance Rides

by Duncan McLaughlin and EasyCare Inc

Is your horse really doing just fine in steel shoes?

We've just published a preliminary white paper using infrared thermography to evaluate temperature variances in horses' feet before and after exercise.

Infrared thermography provides objective data about circulation and inflammation within the hoof by measuring temperature increases and changes in heat patterns.

Horses competing with steel shoes had an average dorsal hoof-wall temperature increase of 8.9°C /16.1°F when comparing their pre-ride and post-ride temperatures.

By contrast, the average dorsal hoof-wall temperature increase in horses wearing hoof boots was 2.9°C/5.2°F.

We've also used this technology to analyze changes in hoof temperature caused by the use of black Easyboots. The results are fascinating.

This white paper may challenge everything you thought you knew about the horse's hoof.

Download the White Paper